The Center for Progress is a non-governmental organization and was founded in 2017.

The Center for Progress brings new ideas and approaches to the development of the country. The center actively works in such fields as education policy, gender and women’s rights, green issues, and many more. It must be noted, that the ideas of the center are always distinguished by their importance and reforms.

We are proudly able to say, that the Center for Progress is making a great contribution to creating an alternative space and platform for many different groups in the country. Among them are ideas, such as creating a democratic space for women and bringing them to the forefront.

It is also important to highlight the Center for Progress initiatives in education policy and the specific reforms needed in this regard. In fact, it is the first time that a democratic open space has been created for the beneficiaries and working people in the system of education. According to this, the education reform will be developed, that this country needs so desperately.

ხატულა „საზოგადოების მიერ დადასტურებული“

Elene Elbakidze

Elene Elbakidze – The Chairwoman of the Center for Progress

Healthcare Management Specialist

ხატულა „საზოგადოების მიერ დადასტურებული“

Anna Dolidze

Anna Dolidze has graduated Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. She has got a Master of Law in (LLM) Leiden University. She is also a Doctor of Law (Cornell University). she has held more than 500 public lectures worldwide, including lectures at the University of Cambridge, the University of Queens, Duke University, and the University of Toronto.

Anna Dolidze was the Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia (2015-2016). She was Parliamentary Secretary of the President of Georgia (2016-2017). She has been a member of the High Council of Justice since 2018. Anna Dolidze has 15 years of experience in international and Georgian organizations.

Anna Dolidze is the author of three books and many scientific papers.

Based on her activities, she often makes comments in the media.

Roman Antadze

Roman Antadze – Board Member of the Center for Progress

Lela Gaphrindashvili

Lela Gaphrindashvili – Board Member of the Center for Progress

Maka Tokhishvili

Maka Tokhishvili – Projects Coordinator of the Center for Progress

Mariam Kusiani