Today, The Center for Progress together with the Movement “For People” officially addressed the Parliament of Georgia, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Education with 4 questions:

1) As of 2020, 75,000 students have suspended status. The majority of them had to drop out of school because of the co-epidemic because they lost their jobs and could no longer pay their taxes. Is the problem of suspended students one of the priorities of the government and is the government looking for a solution?

2)What is the intention of the Parliament of Georgia, the Prime Minister of Georgia, and the Minister of Education, Science, and Culture, when thousands of students are deprived of the constitutionally guaranteed right to free and affordable education without the response of the state?

3)Why is not education a priority in pandemic funding programs?

4)About a week ago, the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Science, and Culture launched a legislative initiative prepared by the students of the Progress Center. It was called for an amendment to the law on higher education, in particular, a transitional provision to halve tuition fees and restrict the education process for students suspended during the pandemic. However, no one has returned the answer on this topic. We are still waiting for the government to provide information about this initiative and state its position on the issue.