The Center for Progress has been actively fighting for the establishment of an adequate minimum wage limit in Georgia for years.

The Ministry of IDPs, Labor, Health and Social Protection becomes the first executor of our initiative – to compensate and increase the minimum wage hourly and sectorally!

According to the minister, Zurab Azarashvili, the minimum wage limit for the staff in the clinics participating in the state programs is determined, above which the remuneration will be paid to the staff.

The new standard has already been implemented in the Republic Clinic in a pilot mode, which provides for setting the minimum wage limit as follows:

hourly salary of the doctor – 9 GEL;
Nurse – 5.75 GEL;
sanitary – 2.8 GEL;

#Increase the minimum wage in Georgia
#20 lari per month is an insult
#Worthful wages are our right

The fight to raise the minimum wage continues and your involvement is critical, so go to the link and sign the petition so we can get the proposal through the Legislature