At the Center for Progress initiative, representatives of the youth wing of political parties and civil movements and students held a discussion on youth involvement in politics.

The Progress Center has presented a report on the necessary amendments to the Law on Higher Education, where student self-government is the sole governing body in the university space and the creation of political structural units is prohibited, as a result, young people do not gain practical political experience in the university space.

Representatives of the Center for Progress also presented the problems of student self-government regulations:
1) Non-existent pluralism;
2) Lack of accountability to students;
3) Monopoly management of financial resources or others.

The meeting aims to introduce the existing challenges to the active youth involved in civic and political activities and work together on the necessary tools for youth participation in politics.

Within the framework of the “Center for Progress” memorandum, the collaboration will take place with the opposition parties: the party “For People”, the “United National Movement”, the “Labor Party of Georgia”, “Girchi – More Freedom”. Today’s discussion format was joined by “Lelo for Georgia” and “Strategy Agmashenebeli”.