On behalf of the Center for Progress, we would like to provide you with final information on JSC “Rustavi Azot” events.

As a human rights organization, the Center for Progress has been providing legal assistance to the striking employees of JSC “Rustavi Azot” since the day of the strike. An agreement has been reached between the striking employees and the administration as a result of almost a week of continuous protest!

With our full involvement and great fighting ability, the company has increased salaries! Here we would like to mention, that it does not fully meet the current economic challenges, but the wages of working people have somehow increased.

Almost all of the employees have already returned to the working process.

From our part, we will focus on the most important factor relating to the official side of the agreement reached. We emphasize that it is unconditionally important to sign the relevant document that will protect this agreement. We note that a similar document has not been submitted by the company so far.

The Center for Progress lawyers will continue an active communication and legal consultation with the employees before the formal signing of the agreement.