Swim in peace

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The project “Swim in Peace” was founded and initiated by the Center for Progress and the Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN). Campaign for Safe Swimming with an amount of $8,000 funded by the Open Society Georgia Foundation. The objective of the project was to advocate for safer swimming practices by raising public awareness and pressuring the local government to implement legislation and install swimming safeguards in public swimming areas. The project was managed by the Center for Constitutional Rights. These organizations are gathering together to solve death accidents by drowning in lakes, seas, and rivers.  For example, in the area of ​​the Tbilisi Sea, which is considered the most dangerous zone. This is where most people die every summer.

Statistics about death by drowning in lakes, seas, and rivers, are disturbing, as more than 300 children have died for 2 years. Those cases are mostly caused by not having those dangerous areas fenced and prohibitory banners there. To achieve the reduction of the death toll, the campaign initiators are calling for the government and society to participate in this campaign.


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