On October 16, the Center for Progress organized a political performance in the Mziuri Amphitheater to protest the inequality in the country as part of the “Minimum Wage” project.

It is an expression of internal protest, a revolt against injustice – like the minimum wage of 20 GEL in Georgia, more than 75,000 suspended students, unemployment, labor exploitation, and the issues that concern each of us.
The political play “Don’t Leave the Room – Political Farce for 5 Episodes” was staged by Ketevan Samkharadze, a fourth-year drama directing student at the Georgian State University of Theater and Film.
In the play, the story is about the prevailing social situation in Georgia. We have to communicate with five acting characters on stage, who tell different stories.

Before the start of the performance, the projection screen captures the attention, where the spectator is given the opportunity to get acquainted with the social situation in the country against the background of music. The scenery on the stage consists of five microphones and the same number of water bottles illuminated by neon lights from the plank, which remind us of the layout of a chessboard.

The five stories, which are different from each other, are connected by a story about a socially unbearable situation.

The project “Minimum Wage” is supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office in Georgia.